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Making The Game SAFER, One DUMMY At A Time...

The First All-In-One Solution For Your Organization

4Check Hockey is a hockey training company that not only enhances skills but prioritizes safety above all else. Throughout our program, we're dedicated to building better coaches, players, and organizations while pioneering concussion prevention in the sport. Our comprehensive approach equips everyone involved – from board members to parents and players – with the tools they need to excel while staying safe. With innovative custom dummies for on-ice training and online resources that build consistency in your organization, we're reshaping how hockey is taught and played. Through in-person train-the-trainer sessions and continuous feedback, we're fostering a community committed to skills and safety. Join us in revolutionizing hockey, creating a game that's not only better but safer for everyone involved.

Safety First

Use our custom contact dummies to learn in a safe environment without the fear of injuring another player.

Build Consistency

Utilize our program, along with Ice Hockey Systems (IHS) to help build consistency with your coaches at every level, ultimately creating better players.

Annual Coaches Training

We will travel to you to Train-The-Trainers. Build confidence in your coaches at ALL levels.

A Suite Of Tools For Your Organization

Utilize all we have to offer and make life easier while creating better coaches & players


Over 1,000+ Drills To Choose From

Take advantage of the best drill system in the world, Ice Hockey Systems, with over 1,000 drills including NHL examples. Create, share & save your practice plans to make it easier to plan each season, building consistency year after year.

Personal Attention

We will come to you to train your coaches on how to use our dummies and program. Additionally, we are personally available for you if any problems or question arise. Now, there is no excuse for your coaches to not be prepared and players to not have all of the tools necessary to succeed.

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More Than Just Contact-Checking

Our newest dummies are equipped with sticks and the ability to take shots all while learning to play with your head up. They can be utilized for stick handling around, shooting around/through, goalie screening, contact, checking and much more!

Safety & Resources For Families

Every year, in the U.S., more than 20,000 players go to the emergency room for some sort of hockey related injury. 1-in-4 (25%) of players will receive a concussion over their career.  We are here to provide you resources, information and tools to properly protect your son/daughter.


Constant Follow-Up

How is your organization doing?  Are your coaches comfortable with the system?  Are they implementing your overall plan?  Are the teachings consistent year after year?  We can gauge the effectiveness of our program & provide information, helping you every step of the way.  

Meet Our "Dummies"

The safest way to teach body contact / checking and create confidence in your boys and girls players.

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Dummy group 2
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