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Built with you in mind


Get started quickly with IHS

We will work with you to set up Ice Hockey Systems (IHS) right away.  Getting your coaches and staff comfortable with the platform is key to the success of your organization.

Simple and easy to use dummies

Our dummies are custom built to withstand the punishment that is given by hockey players. Having them at your rink for use is important to utilize their capabilities at your convenience.

bode hitting dummy

Concussion testing for your players

Every year, over 300,000 sports related concussions occur in the U.S. One of the most overlooked elements to player safety is baseline concussion testing. 4Check Hockey has partnered with SWAY Medical to provide the most comprehensive testing on the market to provide direction for your players and families. 

Plus even more

  • Ice Hockey Systems

    Access to IHS mobile platform for your organization.

  • Custom Contact/Checking Drills

    Access to the best program in the world pertaining to contact, checking and concussion prevention.

  • Mobile Access with Upgrades

    Continuously adding more drills and updating the mobile platform

  • Customer Success Team

    Have questions or concerns, talk to our team, not an operator. We will work with you every step of the way.

  • Annual Coaches Training

    We will come to you every year to Train-The-Trainers.  Making sure everyone knows how to utilize the tools you need to be successful.

  • Annual Report Card

    What's the use of the program if you don't know how it is being utilized?  We will help with understanding of your "return on investment".

  • Custom Dummies

    Our dummies are the best product on the market with more capabilities than ever before.  Checking, contact, stick handling, shooting around, goalie screening and learning to play with your head up is just the beginning!

All plans include

  • Access to Online Training Drills for Coaches

  • Access to Custom Contact / Checking Drills

  • Mobile Access with Software Upgrades

  • Annual In-Person Coaches Training (at your location)

  • Annual "Report Card" of Organization's Target Range for Success

  • Customer Success Team - Live Account Manager

  • Custom Contact / Checking Dummies (2 or 4 per rink)

  • Warranty for Custom Contact / Checking Dummies

Why wait to make life easier for everyone?

The safest way to teach players is with our dummies.  We offer the most comprehensive mobile platform to train your coaches including the best concussion testing on the market.  All at a low price to your organization and families!